Wire Mesh Wall Sculpture


Activ-Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh Wall Sculpture

By Marisa Pawelko


Modern art meets the natural world! Activ-Wire Mesh comes alive in this three dimensional depiction of a beautiful garden scene! Makes the perfect addition to your home or office!

What’s Needed:

  • Wire
  • Tin Snips
  • Work Gloves
  • Toothpicks
  • Canvas
  • Pliers
  • Hobby Knife

Gather up your supplies and put on your work gloves. To begin making the rosebuds, cut two long pieces of Activ-Wire Mesh in approximate the width you would like for your rose petals.

Layer the two strips on top of each other then fold them into a square as shown.

Cut all the layers into a round shape with the tin snips.

Cut a piece of wire to secure the petals in a stack as shown.

Starting with the middle layer, form the petals with your hands. Be sure to do this wearing the work gloves to protect your fingers from the sharp edges!

Continue working to form all the petals.

Once you are satisfied with your rose, set it aside.

Continue this process until you’ve made the desired amount of roses for your wall sculpture.

Next cut another wider piece of Activ-Wire Mesh for the butterfly.

Fold the piece into 4 equal sections.

Cut out the butterfly shape with the crease located where the butterfly’s body would be, and set the piece aside.

With the scrap left over from your rose petals, form stems for your roses as shown.


Now you are ready to begin the assembly process!

Poke a small hole in the canvas with a hobby knife. Run the wire through the hole to attach the roses and stems to your canvas.

To secure the wire on the back of the canvas, wrap it around a toothpick.

Continue this process until your roses and stems are all set in place.

Next you are ready to form the body of the butterfly and attach it to the canvas with wire.


After securing the butterfly in place, use some pliers to roll over the edges of the wings to give them some extra definition.

Cut leaves for the roses out of the excess Activ-Wire Mesh from the butterfly.

Roll over the edges of the leaves with the pliers and wrap the ends of the leaves around the flower stems. Crimp the two with the pliers to secure them in place. Add as many leaves as you like to suit your design.

With the pliers, sculpt the butterfly’s body to give him a defined head and tapered body.

Cut a piece of wire for the butterfly’s antennae.

Run the wire for the antennae through the canvas and secure it on the back with another toothpick.

And now your wire mesh wall sculpture is complete! You can leave it as is for a contemporary feel, or customize it to match your décor by brushing on some colorful paint! The creative possibilities are endless!!!



 Meet celebrity crafter Marisa Pawelko, winner of the Craft & Hobby Association Indie Craft Contest and the host of “America’s Next Top Crafter™”. Armed with a formal education in furniture design, Marisa used her talents to design products for the gift, toy, fashion and accessories markets before turning her focus to the craft industry. In 2005, sparked with an idea to create a recycled baby memento-keeper out of one of her son’s baby food jars, she founded Modern Surrealist LLC, which quickly developed an international following. Marisa enjoys inspiring crafters on her blog with thrifty project ideas for “upcycling” ordinary objects, into extraordinary custom creations! Her work has been featured by PBS, HGTV, Illinois State Museum and in countless exhibitions and high end boutiques around the world. Modern Surrealist LLC has been providing customers around the globe with individualized and fantastical gifts, crafts and accessories since 2004. Featuring eclectic themes that celebrate your individuality with humor and heart!