Classic Colored Sand - Blue - 25 lb (11.3 kg) Box

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Sandtastik® Classic Colored Sand, Blue

Soft, naturally sparkling blue colored sand. Sprinkle blue sand on craft projects as an art material, layer sand colors in sand art bottles or as a vase filler. Use blue sand to design window or showcase displays. Popular in glass vases, candle arrangements, unity sand ceremony, window and showcase displays, party or event decor. Certified non-toxic blue sand with no free silica.

Art & Creative Materials Institute (ACMI) Certification Seal


- Clean and uniform grain size: 0.8mm - 0.425mm
- Natural sparkle gives a luxurious, eye-catching appeal
- Sand is inert - it will not absorb foreign debris


Popular uses:

  • Vase filler
  • Art material for craft projects
  • Sand art painting
  • Adding texture to art 
  • 3D scenic models
  • Window & showcase displays
  • Bonds well with glue and adhesive paper
  • Festival-type fundraisers
  • Party & Event Decor
  • Unity sand ceremony (wedding)
  • Candle arrangements


Frequently Asked Questions

All Sandtastik® sand products are produced from the feldspar rock and crushed to our specifications. You may notice tiny black flecks in the sand which cannot be removed or colored. They are part of the rock formation and are non-organic. These dark grains are veins that run through the rock as a natural feature.

Sandtastik has had the sand tested by a CPSC-accredited lab and results show that there are no organic materials or insects in the sand.
Sandtastik offers our sand in two grades or size ranges:
1. Classic Sand ... quite fine in grain size and used primarily as an art material, for decorative applications, arts & crafts, etc.
2. Floral Sand ... coarser/larger grains allows for better filtration in plant environments.

In the marketplace, sand use with aquariums is not listed due to necessary washing to minimize floating grains and no guarantee as to how long the color will actually last in underwater environments. Non-color processed sand such as our Floral Sand Natural (White) would be a valid option if pre-washed.



Ages 4 +
ACMI AP (Approved Product) Certification Seal 
CPSIA Complaint
ASTM D-4236 Compliant
Prop 65 Compliant


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